101 Ways To Inspire You At Any Given Moment.

I am currently working on a powerful and handy book, through which I share over a hundred of thoughts and truths that inspired myself and people in my life to be a better person every single day. Those truths help me to manifest in life everything I wish for and I hope this book will do the same for you.

“101 Inspirations” will be published soon. In the meantime, here are a few inspirations from the book:

Deep down everyone has a good heart. Some of us are just lost in fears. 

Everyone has it insight, the greatness that can move mountains. Not everyone has the courage to connect with this inner power. 

When people let you down remember that you are the one deciding on the meaning of such situation. Whether you’re upset, sad or neutral it is your free choice. Nobody can make your cry or smile unless you decide you want to cry or smile. 

One of the ways to succeed: Forget about being realistic, become innovative. 

People will respond if you talk to them with confidence and in a non judgmental way.

Choose wisely what your thoughts are because you have the power to make your internal world working for you or against you.

If you see how great you are when looking in the mirror, everyone else will notice too. 

It is easy to lose connection with your self when you all you do is trying to fit in. Follow your own guidance. What everyone else thinks is not your business.

When climbing the ladder to make something out of your life make sure the ladder is put against the right wall. 

Happiness never decreases from being shared.